Competencies and skills

Native and cross-platform apps development
Developing in Swift, Kotlin,
Flutter, React Native
Full-time support
Support and development
of finished products

Choosing a development methodology

Goal setting and paving the way

We jointly choose the development method that is preferable for you: native or cross-platform. Our team always focuses on future code quality, product value for the market, and budget frames to stay in. The analytics process is a required stage of pre-project research.

Flutter и React Native: easier, cheaper, more convenient

Development in Flutter or React Native is most suitable for most apps in the B2B segment. Depending on your needs and requirements, we may build one app and adjust for each operating system.

Obvious advantages: development is usually 1.5 times cheaper, when developers write just one codebase for two applications — covering both iOS and Android platforms, the code is the same by 70%. Given you have the same application on both platforms, our Quality Assurance process will be much faster as we can test less. We all know: «less code means fewer bugs». Product development will be much easier in the future.

No imitation and disguise

Cross-platform solutions such as Ionic, Cordova or Titanium simulate the browser environment, thus the website assumes a disguised as a mobile application. This is the cause of inevitable errors and malfunctions.

We use solutions like Flutter or React Native, which allow us to make the interface more native. They include standard elements to avoid tabs and scrolling problems. The interface will behave as responsive as a desktop application - without WebView and similar tools. By clicking on the Projects you can get acquainted with our products developed using this technology.

When should you use
native app development?

Of course, Flutter or React Native development has its limitations. If you need to develop a 3D game, an application with complex animation or heavy graphics, then we definitely choose the native one. The choice of the development method depends on a desired result. Native development will be more difficult and more expensive, but it will make it possible to realize unique, graphically loaded solutions.

Come to the point

Before we start, let's check the idea

We are developing an interactive prototype on the design stage. Interactive prototypes allow us to iterate, refine, rework, and make improvements until you have a market-ready product. We will test the application model according to the main user experience and adjust the task for a further stage. At this moment changing future product is more cheaper and easier.

Technical specifications of the prototype

Writing a technical spec increases the chances of having a successful project, service, or feature that all stakeholders involved are satisfied with.

Only proven solutions

We work on Swift and Kotlin and support projects written in Objective-C and Java. We create cross-platform products on Flutter and React Native. Creating custom UI components makes unique interface of your application. We use only proven solutions and libraries, use CI/CD, automate the development process. We create a client-server architecture and integrate our code with the customer’s technologies.

Automating and manual UI testing

While development is going on, QA is already beginning. This is when we do our best to break the beautiful app we just built, so we can eradicate bugs and make sure it works as intended. We use Unit and UI autotests. Test documentation can be prepared before or during the software testing process. Like any digital product, an app should be a site of constant testing, iteration, and improvement, drawing upon user feedback. So testing and optimizing the experience for our customers is an ongoing process. We conduct quality control of the project at all stages of its development.

We will pack it beautifully

When the application development process is completed, it’s high time to introduce your special product to the world. We will help you through the release process on the Google Play and AppStore. We will prepare graphic materials and a description of the application to demonstrate its advantages. First publishing may be thrilling and tricky.

Usually, it takes no more than two days to get approval from Google or AppleStore. However, it can take up to a month. We can edit your account later, fix bugs and communicate with Apple and Google services. We can help you in making your app a success.

Technical support

You need to efficiently maintain your application and introduce frequent updates, attending to the issues and bugs faced by users. Maintaining something is a constant task rather than a one-time thing. You can always count on us.

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